Can You Get Hives From The Sun?

Sun hives are a real thing. You may also hear them called solar urticaria. They both mean the exact same thing. This is considered a chronic skin condition that is directly related to the trigger of sunlight exposure. People suffering from this condition will have red and itchy hives on every part of their body that was exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation.

Phobias – Anxiety Disorders That People Have

A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder. This is a strong and irrational fear of something that in reality poses no real threat to them. There are over 400 different specific phobias. For example, acrophobia is the fear of heights. Agoraphobia is the fear of public places. If some certain object or situation makes you anxious or extremely self-conscious it’s likely that you have a phobia of that thing. Phobia sufferers will spend much of their life avoiding the things they fear. They will experience panic, fear, rapid heart beat, trembling, shortness of breath, and a strong desire to get away from their fear.

How Can Astraphobia Effect Your Life?

Astraphobia is a persistent fear of thunder and lightning. When a storm happens a sufferer will typically go into a state of panic where they feel immense anxiety and find it hard to tame their physical reactions. For these sufferers they will spend most of their lives revolving around the weather. They will consistently check the forecast multiple times a day. They will plan events around the weather.

They will avoid social activities if there is a possibility of a storm developing. These people understand that their fear is highly irrational, but find it hard to control their emotions and reactions when a storm ensues. There are many treatments out there to help people overpower this phobia. It’s important to remember that when you exert symptoms of a phobia like this those children around you will start to think your reactions are normal. This is why current astraphobia sufferers will have kids that are afraid of thunder and lightening too. You can learn more about this phobia by visiting

Lack of money can cause mental problems. Here how you can combat them!

Money is such an important ingredient of a happy, healthy life. Being broke can cause a number of mental conditions such as stress, depression, among others, in one way or another. You may feel unhappy because you cannot buy the things you like due to lack of money. You may feel stressed and depressed due to the fact that you cannot afford the things that your wife and children desire. The worst part is that money is such a rare commodity that only a few individuals have in plenty. Many people lack enough of it and as such, they lead a miserable and hopeless life. They are sad, bitter, stressed and depressed from January to December. But with the right knowledge, you can overcome all these financial problems you face in your life, regardless of your financial situation

Do You Fear Sex?

For starters, a phobia is an intense fear of a situation or object, that in reality possess no danger. Some of the most common examples are heights, highway driving, flying, insects, animals, and sex. People tend to fear many different things. In fact, there are over 50 million Americans currently suffering from at least one phobia. They are things that can take hold of our lives and make it hard to overcome them.

Fearing sex is what is known as genophobia and you can learn more about it at This is a condition that both genders have. Seeking treatment is the first step into overpowering your phobia. If you are living your life around your phobia than it’s time to stand up and make the change today.

Does Your Fear of Darkness Control Your Life?

If you have an extremely irrational fear of the darkness you are likely suffering from what is known as achluophobia. This is a very common phobia that many people experience. It’s referred to as many different phobia names, but they all mean the same thing.

This is a specific phobia developed typically in childhood and carries throughout adulthood. It’s very common for sufferers to endure many sleepless nights and loss of mental balance. They take extreme steps to avoid any sort of darkness, including refusing to go out after dark.

These avoidance behaviors can create a real problem in someone’s social life. They typically avoid any activity that takes place in the evening hours and keep their lights on all night long. You can learn more about achluophobia at to get a better idea of why these people fear the darkness.

Eyelash Health For Women

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